Episode 35 of Let’s Play Clash of Clans is here! Watch me progress throughout Clash of Clans, giving my best attack and defense strategies along the way. ——————————————-…

I’m at town hall 9. Should I upgrade my spell factory of an army camp
(cost and build time don’t matter to me)

Pat, you really need to upload more of this seris. one video a week is
getting boring.

Ugh ive been asking for him to make a clan forever. Like 10 episodes ago he
said he’d talk about making the clan soon… Still hasn’t happened. Clans
help a lot 

My dreams

1.Heroes to lvl 50


3.New troop

4. more multiplayer maps

5.Th 11

6.Archer tower to lvl 14

7.lvl 13 walls or 12

8. Giants,wall breaker,archer,barb,pekka to lvl 8 or PEKKA to lvl 6

Guys, here’s an army composition mostly used to get dark elixir or loot in
storages in the middle of the base. Great army composition! Believe it or
not but I’ve 2 starred a normal th9 base. (I am a th7. This strategy works
for th8s also. Pricey comp, but very useful. Hope you guys enjoy raiding
with this composition. :)
12 wizards 20 giants 6 wall-breakers 40 archers 2 healing spells
1 rage spell
(If you are not used to raiding with giants this raid will not work out so
well for you.)

Join our clan Bincent and help us win our 79th war! Record is 78-14-1 yes
we have 1 tie! We need strong members who will attack strong in war for
stars not loot. Requires lvl 60+ and 1400+ trophies min no exceptions. If
you meet those requirements and this clan sounds like it’s for you then
don’t delay! Join Bincent today! War is constant so clan closes in 24 hours
and will reopen upon war completion. 

Does this bother anyone else?

what if for a new feature we get a bonus for being in a league. i would
love maybe getting like 50-100k in loot at the end of a season. especially
as a th 8 in masters

Imagine a legend league, 4200 trophies to join, 260k bonus loot for every
raiding win. It could be red and black in colour with 2 torches on either
side, a black skull in the middle and a dark red and grey background. 

They should add a spell that sets off traps for you. Like if you are using
hogs and you think there is a giant bomb there then it sets if off when you
place it. Kind of like the size of a jump spell so it wont set off a lot of
traps. What do you think? +PlayClashOfClans 

My Wishlist:

-Town hall 11
-More Builders or less upgrade times
-Less Walls Upgrade Costs
-Add Photos,Videos or Sounds in Clan chat
-Ability to search for players
-New League Called Legend
-New Dark Elixir Troops
-New witch level
-Better Heroes A.I
-Make Sales in gems costs
-Farming War between only two players like the player that got the most
loot in 2 days wins and get 1000000 loot and 5000 dark elixir
-Co leaders cant kick players
-if you joined a clan you cant get kicked out instantly like they must wait
say 2 days to test you but you can leave

Like if you want these things in the game so supercell can see it 

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I begin 2-3 days after u and im lvl. 58 now and i have almost upgraded all
my things for th lvl. 7.
U have 5 builder’s huts from the begining and i not used gems only on the
builder’s huts so i have 4 now. I have not buy gems

What if for town hall 11, instead of increasing the time to upgrade
buildings, they just required more builders.